Whiteley Impact Floor Sealer 5L

Product Information

  • IMPACT Base Sealer is a clear, non yellowing, penetrating Sealer.
  • IMPACT Base Sealer provides a hard, durable and low maintenance finish to all types of hard floor surfaces (including vinyl, stone surfaces, quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, terracotta, terrazzo, granite, cement surfaces, pavers, polished and stencilled concrete).
  • IMPACT provides a semi permanent seal that eliminates the need for regular stripping and will last for an extended period of time depending on environmental wear factors.
  • IMPACT Base Sealer provides a base coat for Brilliance or Frontier Sealer Finish where a buffable finish is required for Ultra High Gloss. For indoor use only.
  • Suitable for use on Vinyl, Stone, Terrazzo, Tiles and Concrete
  • Ultra Hard- resists scratching
  • Water based
  • Excellent Levelling Properties
  • High Gloss - Semi Permanent Seal
  • Does not use toxic or carcinogenic solvents such as Toluene and Xylene