Urinal Screen with Enzymes Evergreen

Product Code: 243771
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Product Information

  • Urinal maintainer mats use enzyme action to sanitise the urinal, providing effective hygiene control whilst being far more eco-friendly
  • This urinal mat contains a water soluble bio-block that disinfects and deodorises men’s urinals
  • Available in different colours and packaging.
  • These urinal screens freshen urinals for 30 Days
  • With 15 times more fragrance being released than a vinyl urinal screen, these screens eliminate odours releasing optimised bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate odours at the source
  • They have a translucent flexible design and can be used in all urinals
  • They feature anti-splash nibs which diffuse urine stream and prevent splashing saving up to 50% cleaning time
  • A used diamond screen will shrink by 30% in 30 days, highlighting time to change screen