Ekcoscreen Urinal Screen Apple Fragranced Green Packet of 2

Product Code: 243767
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Urinal Screens have sealed bristle technology which prevents splash-back and spread of disease-causing microbes caused by urine impacting the back wall or still water in a public urinal.

With the reduction of splash-back and our anti-microbial technology, a cleaner public restroom is achieved through eliminating the odour at the source rather than just masking a smell. The Ekco Urinal Screen lasts twice as long as other screens on the market and is perfect for water-less urinals.

  • EKCOSCREEN urinal Screen
  • Zero splash back from optimal bristle technology
  • 60 Day performance
  • Packs of 2
  • Designed for water and water-less urinals
  • Anti UTI microbes for health sector protection
  • Fresh scent